Ironic, Isn’t It?

It is ironic I think writing that leads to acceptance and selling is a real pain and yet I’m continually driven to something that is impossible  not to do. That’s not to say I have become a member of the best seller list by a longshot. Most of the time I start thinking something I write is definitely going to make the editor jump with so much joy that he or she causes every other writer’s submissions to scatter across the world of cyberspace out of anyone’s reach just because my creation has caught his or her undivided attention. And then there it comes: that dreaded – ugh – rejection slip and I remind myself that authors like Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway and other famous writers received endless rejection slips before that day their masterpiece was accepted and, well you know the rest of the story.

So, as writers we keep writing and writing. The painful writers’ block, rejection slips, countless interruptions and scornful, yes scornful, looks thrown our way telling us to give it up don’t deter us. Sure, negativity throws us for a day or so but then we find ourselves back at the computer again knowing this will be the one!


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