How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’ve been asked to write an article about growing vegetables. In most cases, that is a practical and useful request. It will take some research on my part, including interviews with farmers in the area who are both master and take-for-granted vegetable growers. You have the drift here regarding my dilemma. I’m not a gardener. I don’t like to sink my hands into the earth and I don’t like to  pull never-ending weeds, which I would have to do since I don’t believe in the saturating of gardens with chemical overload. The back bending work it takes to produce those succulent vegetables is just not my cup of tea (or sliced tomato?).

The reason I agreed to write the article had nothing to do with my gardening abilities. It centered solely on my love to eat ripe tomatoes, dark green peppers, bright yellow squash and that ever-so-delicious corn on the cob. Not only do I love eating vegetables but I indulge in the creativity of preparing meals with various deletable results. The adulation I receive for these culinary delights certainly spurs me on to see what else I can rev up for my neighbors and other people who drop in. This love of enjoying the results of a vegetable garden provides in-depth research on just what goes on from the first seeds planted to my dinner table.

This is a time when “write what you know” doesn’t really apply. It is an opportunity to stretch my mind beyond what I know and produce copy that lets readers know I know what I’m talking about. Besides loving to eat fresh vegetables, I like to stretch my research abilities and learn a few things new myself.

Excuse me until the next time. I’m off to meet with a farmer someone told me about who has a showplace garden. I understand he is quite a talker. I’m hoping his wife will invite me in for a cold glass of iced tea before I crumble into the vibrant array of vegetables. If not, I’ll just remind myself I’m here to learn all I can. I expect the “from seed to table” concept will ripen in appreciation after today.


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