Writing Forward

It’s been a while since I blogged but lots has happened since July. I have completed a mystery novel “Betrayal of the River” and have joined elance to procure freelance jobs as fillers for slack times.

So you ask is freelancing a good idea? Yes, it is. When I first proposed a job I immediately was chosen to write a Project Narrative. This was a first and I was a little nervous since I entered a new horizon. I didn’t even know what a Project Narrative meant, but thanks to Google I learned immediately and successfully completed the job.

Then I got really brave and proposed other job possibilities. One turned out to be a bummer. The editor kept changing her mind about what I should be doing with a short story and soon she required a novella. I might add the set fee was for a short story, not a novella or a novel. I canceled that project. It was sort of like getting a rejection slip from myself but once recovered, I brushed that experience off and went on to another proposal and landed that one, too. I learned I could sell myself in regard to writing skills that some clients want.

A week ago I was asked for an outline of another mystery in the making. When a client invites you, that is a real boost to one’s ego which as writers we can stand to have once in a while.

It is a good thing to branch out. Don’t lose focus on your original plans for writing but if other opportunities come along, go for it! I bask in diversity so that is why I encourage you to go into other avenues of writing. It hones your writing style as well as the mind.  It helps to relieve pressure and causes freedom of expression to explode.

I encourage you to keep writing forward. I don’t look back on occasional writers’ block, rejection slips and any other negativity. It affects creativity and besides I’m not going backward.


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