Talk About My Book

I had a great time yesterday afternoon at The Windsor of Lawrence in Lawrence, KS yesterday. I was given the opportunity by my good friend Robin Clevenger to talk about my book “Heart of the Wheat Shaft” to a group of approximately twenty people. We had a good time discussing the book, our lives and a few there were originally from Nebraska (the setting for my book.) Good to hear their stories, too. I couldn’t resist munching on cookies and sipping a refreshing punch while there.

Take every chance you get to talk about your writing. You will be surprised how many people have the talent and just need a little encouragement to follow their own dreams.

Now to get down to work on editing the first of my four-book Beatrice Chandler Series. I hope to have “Disappearance in Plain Country” out by early summer 2014. All books in the series will have stories set in various areas of Missouri, my home state. All will be in the mystery genre. I’m looking forward to your enjoyment of them!


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