For those of you who haven’t read my mystery “Heart of the Wheat Shaft – Mystery in Nebraska Wheatland,” you really don’t know what you are missing. There, I’ve said it. The following are the initial lines to lure you in:

“I hesitated at the beginning of the dirt drive that ended at the small house. The dwelling separated waving wheat fields from one another as if a barrier to determine its importance. And now that I was here I wondered why I had dropped everything to come when Grandmother called me. I accelerated along the dusty road determined to get this over with as soon as possible.

She knew I was coming, and yet when I knocked on the weather beaten ash door, there was no answer.

‘What are you standing there for?’

I turned to see Grandmother and reverted to the small child she raised, attempting a half smile in her direction. She shook the edge of her grease-spotted apron allowing dirt to flit from gnarled hands. Though I was on the raised porch she appeared to loom over my five foot five stature. Her face resembled rocks where water dug trenches and wove intricate designs. I noticed tightly braided hair greyer since last time I saw her eleven years ago.

‘Hello, Grandmother,” I said.”

The tale spells out a mystery that keeps Elizabeth Blanton longer in Pineville, Nebraska than originally planned. She is determined to find out why her much-loved grandfather, Alex Blanton died so suddenly. Before called home by her estranged grandmother, Sally, she had no idea he had not died of natural causes. Near mishaps plague her at every turn and suspicions accumulate until she reaches the answer that shocks her.
(amazon: kindle and paperback.)


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