Upcoming book

In early September “Disappearance in Plain Country” will be out. It is the first of the series the Beatrice Chandler Mystery Series. All books will take place in various areas of Missouri, my home state. Without a doubt this mystery will make you do anything it takes to read to the end.


I promise you. You will do anything to find out if the small Amish child will ever find his way home. You will feel you are in the lives of the reclusive Amish community waiting for the outcome. This is not to say you won’t feel the devastating grief the family goes through while waiting for their loved little Abe to come home to them again.

You will follow the kidnappers in the constant pull they experience at the deed they have done. Only Beatrice Chandler, crime writer and self-proclaimed detective will determine to see that the child is returned to his rightful home and heritage. But will she be able to pull this one off?

Look for “Disappearance in Plain Country” coming to your kindle and paperback soon. You won’t be disappointed.


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