Promises, Promises

Promises are meant to be kept and I am doing that. After much rewriting, reviewing, editing, and editing again (and again) the long-awaited book is on Amazon. “Disappearance in Plain Country” is a mystery that unravels the search for a small Amish child taken by strangers at a quilt auction. This is the first in my series of Beatrice Chandler Mystery Series. Beatrice gets caught up in the simple life of the Amish when she attends the auction in south central Missouri. The child disappears and Beatrice is relentless in her search for Abe Stotzfus. She  is on the trail of the kidnappers into the Midwestern states and beyond.

In the meantime, the kidnappers have problems of their own. Their lives are consumed with eluding the law while trying to hold their relationship together. It is a difficult path but worse than that, Abe, age three, is baffled as to what is happening. Most of all, he wonders why his parents aren’t coming to get him.

“The small boy sat up straight in the middle of the backseat. He had only ridden in a taxi once when he sat between his parents on the long ride from Ohio to his cousins’ house in Missouri. His mamm sang songs and played games with him to make the journey go faster. Things never seen before in his young life popped up from nowhere when he knelt at the shiny window and looked out. . . when the man jerked him to behind the row of quilts, he looked back at his parents. His hat fell off his head and he tried to reach for it. Everyone, even his parents, paid close attention to someone yelling to all the people about the quilts. The man who pulled him away didn’t bother picking up Abe’s straw hat but he let him cling to his wooden horse clutched tightly in his small hand.”



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